the paper series

Posted by fiona mcdonald on October 28, 2012 3 Comments

i LOVE paper in all it’s incarnations... with this series i am aiming to get that weightless, papery feel embedded in porcelain. the pieces are actually quite light and yet also unyielding. there is not the give that paper has. this combination of the visual and the physical is very interesting for me and something i want to explore more...


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Posted by Edgarsito on April 05, 2015

Love the pattern and I think it’s good sense to use it for a baby bleaknt because in the beginning babies see black and white colours the best. And I really like the yellow edge! Any baby would be lucky to cuddle in that softness :)

Posted by Mihai on April 04, 2015

first off, let me say what a FINE design you have craeted!my boy, judah west, was introduced to the world 7 weeks ago. we live right by the mountains and this oh-so-cu1000te creation would suit not only his room (!) but camping comforts as well. we like the one ribbed with yellow.xo

Posted by emmy on February 27, 2013


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