new creations... vessels, bracelets, saucers, spoons – illustrated, stained, glazed

Posted by fiona mcdonald on June 13, 2012 5 Comments

well those midnight candles have certainly been useful lately! the 2am ones have also been great : )

i have been creating new vessels etc and combining quite a bit of illustration with the stains and glazes. below are the items at bisque. tomorrow i crack the kiln and see what has worked and what will be a surprise. fingers crossed

anyway, the contrast between before and after is always interesting... x


green ware vessels and bracelets at top, stained and polished bisque ware below

stained spoons and bracelets


stained spoons at bisque

these i am really excited about. they are a set with saucers. clear glazed inside...

polished vessels awaiting glaze

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Comments (5 Comments)

Posted by May on April 07, 2015

Epic, I knew it would be everything I had thughot it would be. The suspense over the past few years has been killing me, thank you for sharing your art with us.

Posted by Villa on April 05, 2015

That was the first Young Fresh Fellows song I ever heard, on the Towson State University radio station, years brfoee any member of my family moved to the wild & woolly northwest.

Posted by Dani on April 04, 2015

خرداد۰۸سارا salam man daneshjoy kaashenrsi it vali alaghei nadaram behesh azaval mikhastam honar ghabol sham vali nashod mikham kaashenrsi arshed honer filname nevisi bekhonam vali nemidonam chi bekhonam ya aslan shodani mishe komakam konin

Posted by tina on June 15, 2012

gorgeous! x

Posted by pammy on June 13, 2012

very excited about the market. can’t weait to feel those beautiful surfaces : ) x

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