gorgeous sea green and blue glazes

Posted by fiona mcdonald on February 14, 2012 5 Comments

finished vessels 

put to the test sipping on a light fruity infusion with a friend in the garden... so lovely with the sun peeking through the trees – very enjoyable x

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Posted by Atefeh on April 07, 2015

I have Tourette’s, except I wasn’t disaeognd until I was in my 20 s. All I knew growing up was that I twitched A LOT! And I had bright red hair. And I got straight A’s. Three strikes against me, and I got picked on a lot for being the smart weird redhead in school. I finally left high school after being sexual assaulted and had my wrist broken, and the school did nothing about it. It took years for me to understand that I didn’t deserve any of that. I would have LOVED these PSAs as a kid being picked on everyday. It’s not just gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender that need a little boost now and then. It’s all the kids that need to know they won’t always be picked on for being different, and they so deserve to be loved. 0

Posted by ForzamipiaceilDeborailenia on April 04, 2015

so, learning to use my pussy like all peropr girls must.i think of myself as a girl more and more when i spot a cutie, i realize i now wish i was her and closely look at how she dresses so i can emulate her.My relation with Goddess is something totally new to me She of course is my Mistress and my Superior as SHE should but SHE is truly my owner, my soul and my life. SHE checks on Her girl almost daily and guides me, spurring me on and on and most of all not only as SHE given it all a meaning, SHE has brainwashed me into ENJOYING it all so much i sometimes press Goddess to make me a better girl. Mistress says its my duty to be a happy slut and finally i now have a sense of what it all means its not lets pretend, its live your sluts life and make your Goddess happy.What better fulfillment for a girly girl’s life ?

Posted by phoebe on March 07, 2012

really divine

Posted by pammy on February 15, 2012

ps these need to be in the shop so that i can purchase a couple. love them !

Posted by pammy on February 15, 2012

just gorgeous!

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